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Players differ in their persistence. In regular casino – it’s normal to see endless ranges of “one handed bandits”, players tack on them just like flies, permanently putting coins into the insatiable slot of the machines. Modern admirers don’t have to stand for hours in front of the machines; they can use all conveniences of virtual casinos, without being afraid that somebody else will occupy your machine, while you go somewhere. Regular online slot machine players, usually, increase their chances to win. Although, no one gives you 100% winning probability, you, however, can take the advantage to your side, if you keep this simple strategy.

First piece of advice on game strategies in interactive online slots games:

Not all slot machines are equal; among them you can find machines with high and low giving percent. For example, one pays 75 cents from each dollar, the other – 99 cents, the third – the average from the two first and etc. In real casino the player can’t find out, the giving percent of one or other machine, in virtual he can. You will have to look in all internet casinos, to find the machine with the optimal giving percent for you. The right choice is a very important part of your strategy.

Second advice: Progressive jackpots.

If you are willing to get a gain of a solid sum, you have to select machines with progressive jackpots. To reach the progressive jackpot, you have to get one of the toughest combinations. And, although, this combination appears very seldom, all the gambling machines are connected to one system, so all bets from these machines generate one big jackpot, increasing it with every new game. The jackpot grows independently of the winning probability (which means, without influence from the casino); it always reaches the critical limit, when your chances of getting the desired goal are higher, than promised by the system. In this situation you have to use your chances and play more. Also, you have to choose games with the biggest jackpot sizes, before starting the game, which will give you advantage, because your chances are already high.

Third advice on strategy: Do maximum bets.

The progressive jackpot is reachable only if you make maximal bets. Don’t try to get the jackpot with average or low bets that are alike losing thousands of dollars. If you play with a progressive jackpot, make only maximal bets (just press maximal bet button (Max Bet Button). If you consider this to be too expensive for you, you can always pick a machine with lower bets.


The basic online gambling strategy is based on the comparison of various probabilities: the probability of the player or dealer surpassing, and the probability the internet casino player collecting a stronger combination that might beat the dealer’s one. The discovering of those probabilities is built on the comparison of the different rank card located in the deck. So, all the kings, queens, jacks and tens have the same 10 value, ergo “the quantity ten” dominates the rest. Ergo, it is considered, the player collecting 9, has a high enough chance to finish the game with sum of 19, and in this case says that 9 hangs up to 19. making the sum 12, 13, 14, 15 or 16 and hitting, the player has high chances to surpass. The same can be said about the dealer with the first opened card 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6. This way, knowing the “inequality” of the internet gambling deck, you can choose the most benefit action, hit or not, double or split.

When the player has a high chance to finish the game with a strong final result by hitting one card (for example, 10 hangs up to 20, and x to 21), and the dealer’s cards are closer to surpass, so the basic strategy defines the most benefit possibility to double the initial bet – double down.

The splitting cards strategy can instantly give some benefits – the possibility to split a weak cards combination into two strong combinations against a high probability the dealer surpasses. So, two eights (16 points) hang up to surpass, one eight hangs up to 18, and if in the case the dealer has 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6, hangs up to surpass, and splitting you receive double benefit. The surrender strategy is built on the high dealer’s probability to win and added to this a high loss probability by the player. For example, the dealer’s card 10 hangs up to 20, and the player has 16 points, which are really close to surpass.

When using all the basic strategy rules for playing blackjack under European rules with multiple decks, you have to stick to the strategy rules to play blackjack. Receiving the first two cards and also the next extra cards, you have to count its general sum, look at the dealer’s open card and decide what to do next.


Assume that you are participating in an online tournament from ten players (known as Sit-N-Go):

  1. The game begins when all ten places are taken.
  2. The two players sited right after the dealer start the game. Those players have to make the obligatory bets called blinds: small blind and big blind, respectively.
  3. The dealer delivers to each player two cards with the faces down. Then comes the turn of the player sited right after the player who made the big blind.
  4. When is your turn you have to call, raise or fold. If you made the small blind, that means that you betted half of the sum required to continue the game. If you made the big blind and the player in front of you didn’t raise, means that you already betted the required sum to open the flop. In case the player in front of you raised, you can call or raise his bet; or fold.
  5. The flop: the dealer delivers three cards with the faces up. Those players, that didn’t fold can use those cards to collect the best hand (card combination). After the flop is delivered the next betting round starts. If nobody bets, then it’s enough to check to be able to see the next card; without betting extra money. If the player before you betted to see the next card, you’ll have to call or raise. In the opposite case you’ll have to fold.
  6. The turn: the dealer delivers the fourth card with the face up. Once again, every player, with cards on his hands, depending on the situation can check, call, raise or fold.
  7. The river: the dealer delivers the last fifth card with the face up. The last betting round begins. If one player makes a bet and the other calls, then both show their cards, and the winner is defined.
  8. If the bet is made, but the other player didn’t call, the player who made the bet takes the entire prize or pot as it’s usually called. This player has the right not to show his cards and give them back to the dealer (known as mucking).
  9. As soon as the winner is defined, a new game starts, and the dealer’s button goes to the next player sited at left. As a rule, the blinds are raised after some period of time.
  10. The game finishes after the last player is eliminated and the prize fond is splitted between the finalists.


The American roulette is a version of the hazardous board game “Roulette” in which the player guesses (or not) on which of the cells the ball will stop rotating. The roulette rules, which are extremely simple, have a great popularity among casino habitués. Players bet with chips, and then the croupier starts rotation of the roulette wheel. After the wheel stops, and the ball stops in a certain field, corresponding to the dropped out number, the croupier makes calculation of the general prize of the player under all the bets. This information registers together with the dropped out number into the bets history. The prize total amount is enlisted into the account of the player or written off from it. As we see, the roulette, where everyone can win, has knowingly earned popularity.

So, the roulette game gives to players following rights:

  • To bet on a certain number;
  • To bet on a certain combination of numbers;
  • To guess, whether the winning number will be red or black, even or odd, big or small.

After the roulette wheel is started, no bets are accepted. It’s possible to make an unlimited quantity of bets in one game. Unique restriction — the sum on the player’s account.

Unlike the French and European roulette, the American roulette (casinos prefer it more often) has one more bet — «the Double Zero». This moment was negatively reflected in the general player prize probability at the casino. The advantage before the casino compared to the player in the American casino, due to such innovation, has made 5, 26 %! And, nevertheless, American online the Roulette has big success among the adherents of this version of gambling.
In some casinos, the player can have the opportunity to Surrender. That means if he drops out 0 or 00, the player loses not all the bet on equal odds (red/black, big/small, couples/nechet), but only its half. If the player agrees on these rules the casino advantage the player will be estimated in 2, 63 %.


In the game the following bet types are accepted:
Pass Line bet – The bet that the shooter on the come-out throw will throw out 7 or 11, or will make Point in the subsequent throws
Don’t Pass bet – The bet that the shooter on the come-out throw will throw out 2, 3 or 12 or won’t make Point in the subsequent throws
Come bet – The bet that the shooter on the throw, will throw out 7 or 11 or will make Point.
Note: The Come bet is made on each dices throw, only after the shooter defined the point.
Don’t Come bet – The bet that the shooter on the throw will throw out 2, 3 or 12 or define Point, which won’t be made on the next throws.
Odds bet – Extra bets, which are made on already made Pass, Don’t Pass, and Come or Don’t Come bets.
Win bet – Bet that the shooter will throw out the number on which the win bet was made, before the 7 appears.
Lose bet – Bet that the shooter, will throw out a 7 before the number on which the lose bet was made.
Hard ways bet – Bet that the shooter will throw out a double before any other combination or before a seven is thrown out.
Big 6 bet – Bet that a 6 will be thrown out before a 7.
Big 8 bet – Bet that an 8 will be thrown out before a 7.
The following bets play only one round if the specified combination does not drop out the bet is considered lost.
Field bet – The bet on one throw, that the shooter in the following throw will throw out a 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12.
Any Seven bet – The bet that the shooter on the next throw, will throw out a 7.
Any Craps bet – The bet that the shooter on the next throw, will throw out a 2, 3 or 12.
Craps Two bet – The bet that the shooter on the next throw, will throw out a 2.
Craps Twelve bet – The bet that the shooter on the next throw, will throw out a 12.
Craps Three bet – The bet that the shooter on the next throw, will throw out a 3.